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Library (with Resource Centre)

The library is equipped with over 60 000 books and journals; seats 410 people; has 32 internet stations; and forms part of university’s network of libraries. All students and staff of the university, upon registering, qualify for free membership of the Library and Information Services. Training is offered to new users and staff is available to assist regular user. The library buildings is environmentally-friendly and is specifically designed to optimize energy usage and efficiency.

Universal Accessibility and Disability Services

The Campus has had a variety of upgrades and is currently the most mobility accessible of the Nelson Mandela University. There are lifts installed to navigate between the different levels and ablutions blocks made available and accessible. The Disability unit provides services for students with once a week on the campus and remotely during the rest of the week. The services include; concession for tests and exams, assistive technology and devices, volunteer scribes and readers, braille transcription and accessible transport.

ICT Services

ICT services are offered at all the university campuses. The campus has computer labs and resource centres and WiFi hotspots are available throughout the campus.

Ekhaya Student Life Centre

The student centre offers catering facilities with indoor and outdoor seating arrangements; a bookshop [for prescribed textbooks and stationery]; a university shop; locker space; individual and group study areas; and student societies hub

Indoor Sport Centre (with gym and sports field)

The Indoor Sport Centre is Eastern Cape’s largest indoor venue and seats close to 4 000 people. The Centre is regularly used for local, national and international sports events, music concerts, conferences, and exhibitions.

Lecture Halls

Lecture halls originally designed to cater for large groups of students have been upgraded to accommodate new lecturing techniques involving group work. The venues are equipped with Intelligent Classroom infrastructure that enhance the teaching and learning experience.